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Group Talk
Audio & Web Conferencing Application

SEAWIND SOLUTION PVT. LTD., is a website development company that helps enterprises build better relationships with their customers and employees using its various service-based products, APIs, and SDKs. We are launching an audio conferencing app that lets you connect 3-10000+ people on one conference call in less than 30 seconds.

What is GroupTalk

  • It’s a mobile and web app that can connect 10-10000+ people to the same conference call in under a minute.
  • Forget about calling a bridge number or connecting your phone to the internet to conference call.
  • All the participants receive an incoming call when the conference call starts and everyone gets connected at the same time.

Group Talk features

All conference call members will receive an incoming call at the scheduled time.

Schedule, host, and manage your calls. Add members, Assign admin rights, mute, and more.

Calls are transmitted over mobile networks and landlines. There is no dependency on the internet.

Group Talk Web offers sub-accounts, call recording, reports and other features to connect with larger groups.

Businesses Use GroupTalk

Operational Calls

Connect instantly with distributed teams for updates on operations, sales, etc.

Phone Interviews

With automated SMS alerts, let interviewers & prospects get notified on upcoming calls.

Real-Time Training

Conduct real-time training sessions with 100+ participants on a single call.

Town Hall Meetings

Conduct live Q & A sessions with your employees and record their feedback instantly.

Audio Conferencing Services

Get straight to business with grptalk

Event Conference Calls

Host media teleconferences, share business updates with partners and investors, and notify customers using our reservation-based audio conference. You can also monitor call participants easily using dedicated event conference call services.

Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Essentially reserved for high priority calls — when your audio conferences require an assistant or moderator. We help you manage every aspect of your conference call, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted experience for all your participants.

International Conference Calls

Connecting to your team with another country can be a bit difficult. But group talks make it easy for you. Now host an instant conference call with your team or clients across the world, directly from your mobile or your computer.